Here's How The New Pokémon Snap Works

The original Pokémon Snap, released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, saw players riding the Zero-One buggy across the generically-named Pokémon Island at the behest of Professor Oak. New Pokémon Snap gives players a whole new region to explore, a new professor to guide them, and new ways to edit and share endless photos of adorable pocket monsters.

We’re doing an ecological survey of the Lental Region in New Pokémon Snap. Guided by Professor Mirror, we’ll ride the Zero-One once more, documenting the wild Pokémon of the Lental Region’s various islands.

Screenshot: Nintendo

We’ll snap photos of pocket monsters getting their pocket monster on, ranked one to four stars based on photo composition, poses, and how much of the photo’s frame is filled. Tossing special items at Pokémon can change the way they behave, giving us the opportunity to capture rare poses. The camera can be used to scan as well as photograph, uncovering hidden monsters and other secrets lurking in the landscape.

New Pokémon Snap isn’t just about filling out a pokédex. We’ll also be able to edit our personal photos, adding filters and stickers, and upload them to the internet to be judged by our peers.

Screenshot: Nintendo

While there are new layers and features to the game, New Pokémon Snap seems to have the same energy the original did 22 years ago. I can’t wait to sit around and look at some pocket monsters when the new game drops on April 30.

Source: kotaku

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