Let's Go Back In Time And Visit A Japanese Arcade In 1979

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People seemed to enjoy that video we shared a couple months back of a Japanese arcade in 1992, so tonight let’s wind the clock back another couple of decades and check out a Japanese arcade from the 1970s.


Via Boing-Boing, this is Tokyo arcade World Game as it stood in 1979, and this video isn’t a polished, short news story, but 18 minutes of raw footage showing patrons pumping coins into stuff like Space Invaders.


I would first like to point out the wallpaper in this arcade, which is just magnificent. Secondly, please acknowledge the very formal table service as customers are brought cups of coke. And third, I know this is a video, technically capable of conveying only sound and picture, but between the carpet and the cigarettes you can smell this.



Oh, and skip to 11:42 if you’d like to see a reporter try and fail to describe a video game while he plays one for what looks like the very first time.



Source: Kotaku

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