Logan Paul Encased 15 Game Boy Colors In Resin To Make A Pokémon Tabletop And People Are Mad

Some are upset seeing the classic Nintendo portables imprisoned in Paul’s arts-and-crafts project

You ever do something in your home and think it’s cool, then share it with people online only to get roasted for ruining someone else’s happiness? That’s what’s happening to internet personality Logan Paul, who encased a bunch of beautiful Game Boy Colors in resin to make a Pokémon tabletop.

Paul posted the project on TikTok and shared a clip to Twitter on December 26. He took 15 Game Boy Colors, including what appears to be the limited-edition Pokémon-themed one and a dandelion yellow version, and enclosed them in multiple pounds of epoxy resin. After positioning and covering the consoles in gel, Paul wrapped the tabletop with a metal Pokéball frame.

He posted a shorter follow-up video showcasing how the table lights up and changes colors, going from blue to purple to red to green and back again. It actually looks tight! It’s also a solid way to preserve some of gaming’s history by repurposing something old into something artistic and functional.

Source: Kotaku

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