Lost Video Takes Us Inside Nintendo In 1990, Shows NES Consoles Being Made

Image credit: Internet

This 20-minute collection of b-roll footage, shot as part of a news report and only uploaded to YouTube this week, gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes at Nintendo of America in 1990, showing everything from manufacturing to R&D to the Nintendo Power Line.

While some of it is narrated or is part of interviews, much of it is simply footage capturing day-to-day activities, which is incredibly relaxing to watch in a “slow TV” kinda way. The workers assembling NES consoles by hand is particularly great.

If this look back in time has you nostalgic for news reports of long-gone consumer electronics, the same YouTube account has loads more you should check out, including the iMac’s launch in 1998 and a 1991 trip to Toys’ R’ Us.

Source: kotaku

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