Pokémon GO Really Needs To Stop Fixing Raid Captures

Niantic's AR beast really has to change its raid Pokémon capture rates



There’s certainly a lot wrong with Pokémon GO. The extraordinarily popular mobile AR game has just celebrated its fifth birthday, five years during which it’s routinely brought in more than a billion dollars for creators Niantic. I’d like to imagine would be enough money for them to fix a bunch of stuff. But I’d also like them to, you know, stop fixing a bunch of stuff too. Most especially when it comes to catching Pokémon beaten in raids.


To put this all into context, in general POGO has three different approaches to letting players catch Pokémon.


1) There are those that are found in the wild, where you have to consider their Combat Power (CP) and feistiness when choosing which sort of Poké Ball from your collection, and which berries, to use when capturing them. Even then, combined with the quality of your throw (getting the balls in the ever-shrinking circle increases your catch chance), they can still burst out and may run away.


2) There are those you are given as rewards for finishing tasks and quests. These still have to be captured using your own Poké Balls, but they will never run away, and are likely much easier to catch.



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