Report: $250 Collector's Edition Of Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Refunded, Player Gets To Keep It Anyway

For the last month, digital storefronts, brick-and-mortar retailers, and developer CD Projekt Red have been processing refunds for Cyberpunk 2077’s busted console version. That includes the game’s $250 collector’s edition, which in one case CDPR refunded without making the customer in question return it, according to a new report by Vice Games.

“I was surprised I didn’t need to [send it back],” a player named Steve told Vice Games. “So I still have everything. As a customer, I feel they [CDPR] ‘made good’ on it. Just show proof and we’ll return your money.”

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In Steve’s case, that proof was the Xbox One collector’s edition of the game, and all of the swag—stickers, art work, the game’s music, and a statue of protagonist V dual-wielding pistols while hopping off of a motorcycle—it came with. Steve’s refund totalled close to $300 including sale tax, and was sent over PayPal. Meanwhile, he still has the game and all the stuff it came with, and no word from CDPR on whether they’ll be sending him the paid shipping to give any of it back.

Vice Games reports that some people seeking refunds were told they would have to send their copy of the game back to the company at some point as part of the overall process, but so far haven’t been required to. CDPR didn’t respond to Vice when it followed up with a request for comment about whether the return policy would ever be enforced.

Given how much extra time and money would be required to coordinate the returns part of the process, it’s understandable that CDPR might not be on top of it. It’s also a lot more generous than some other companies might have been. Fallout 76 was also quite broken when it launched, and its collector’s edition players had to wait over six months for Bethesda to finally send them the canvas bags it had originally promised them.

Source: kotaku

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