The Biggest Shiny Pokémon Collector Needs One $30,000 Card To Complete Set

Shiny Pokémon hype has jumped out of the games and into real life with one trading card game fan who’s trying to collect one of every monster color variant that currently exists. Good news: he only needs one more card. Bad news: some people are selling it for as much as $30,000.


Shinies were digitally introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver to give players even rarer creatures to catch. Unlike standard versions of Pokémon, Shinies have unique color variants and only a roughly 1/8000 chance of ever showing up. That rarity has encouraged some players over the years to focus primarily on trying to collect every Shiny options, ultimately creating an end-game all of their own. It’s a hobby that is filled with frequent heartbreak whenever a catch fails and exceedingly unusual moments of exaltation when a long hunt for any specific monster is finally rewarded.


But shinies don’t just exist in the video games—they’re also present in the card game. While many collectors chase the rarest and most expensive cards, some like Toby have created their own unique collecting goals, and in his case the project is inspired directly by the Pokémon games themselves.



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